Friday, March 14, 2008

ACP Secretariat Announces New Job Vacancies

Seychellois citizens qualify to apply for the new job vacancies at the ACP Secretariat.
The announcement of the vacant positions was posted on the ACP Secretariat's website ( on 13th March 2008. It is to be noted that selections are made on the basis of qualifications. Suitable Seychellois applicants would stand an excellent chance as no Seychelles national has yet been employed by the ACP Secretariat, which is based in Brussels, Belgium.

As per the announcement, applications for these posts must reach the ACP Secretariat no later than 12 May 2008 and must be accompanied by a complete curriculum vitae, certified copies of diplomas, certificates and any other document testifying to the competence and professional experience of the candidates.

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vishnuprasath said...

Hi, there are lots of job openings for new skills. So develop your skills based on your interest.